Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens - Mission and Vision
We dedicate our expertise in horticulture, conservation, science and education – together with our unique gardens, facilities and natural lands – to inspire and nurture society’s commitment to the environment.

Royal Botanical Gardens is a global leader in how we use plants and the natural world to connect people, place and sustainable behaviors.

Charitable donations help us to:
  1. Protect and restore 2450 acres of nature sanctuaries containing environmentally sensitive habitats, where approx. 50 listed species- at-risk have made their home;
  2. Teach the public and educate school children about the importance of plants and nature, and how to be environmental stewards in their community;
  3. Create display gardens which beautify our region landscape and teach people how to transfer best practices into their own backyard;
  4. Host events that celebrate our landscape and highlight our conservation activities (Fishway demonstrations, nature sanctuary guided tours, children's winter exhibits); and
  5. Engage in research projects and networks to pursue environmental sustainability;

Did you know that RBG?
  1. Leads a province-wide "Back to Nature" Network to help kids reconnect with the outdoors;
  2. Manages one of the largest freshwater marshland restoration projects of its kind in North America;
  3. Since 2006, has been appointed Canada's 'National Focal Point for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), part of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity;

These and other leadership initiatives could not be undertaken without the support of our members, donors and volunteers.

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