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OrgelkidsCAN Fundraiser
Sharing the joy and wonder of the pipe organ and its music with children

Official Giving Tuesday Campaign Over But Fundraising Continues!
Thank you to all of our donors who responded so generously to our Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign! Your support has helped us to launch OrgelkidsCAN, a program that will introduce children to the wonders and music of the pipe organ by providing them with an opportunity to learn about, build, and play, a miniature two-rank pipe organ. Although we did not reach our target of $25,000, we are thrilled to announce that the OrgelkidsCAN project is in production while we continue our fundraising efforts to reach our goal!
The Orgelkids organ is a complete, craftsman-built organ. It arrives in a box that contains all the required parts along with assembly instructions and a complete set of educational materials. During the building phase, which takes about an hour, children learn about the technical aspects of the mechanics of a pipe organ and discover how the sound is created. And, of course, when the organ is built, they play it! When they are done, the kit is disassembled and put back in the box for the next group of children. Eight Orgelkids kits are currently in production by internationally acclaimed Canadian organ builders, Orgues Létourneau, in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.
The OrgelkidsCAN program has already generated considerable interest from schools and community groups and we are pleased to confirm that the kits, along with a teaching guide prepared by the Royal Canadian College of Organists, will be available for use in September, 2018. The program fits very well as an enrichment activity that blends Arts into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum. As children assemble the organ, they apply physics, mechanics and sound theory while discovering the beauty and music of the pipe organ in a fun and meaningful way.
If you are already among our donors, we thank you! If not, please consider joining our growing circle of supporters. We are grateful for donations of all sizes – every donation will help us reach our goal and every donation up to $25,000 will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to the generosity of a bequest from the late Kenneth Inkster.
Donations may be made online at Canada Helps , or by calling us at 416-929-6400 (1-800-259-3621).
For more information, please contact Executive Director, Elizabeth Shannon, at
Thank you!

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