Ryan's Well Foundation


Due to the devastating effects Hurricane Matthew has had on Haiti, the spread of cholera has been overwhelming.
A direct need for immediate funding is vital to combating this outbreak.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) training, like with all projects, are essential pieces to the longevity and effectiveness of our project work and the health of the people we work with.  Our Haitian partner Hôpital Albert Schweitzer operates in a catchment area that includes approximately 200 villages. The hospital WASH team identifies areas in greatest need via the patients that attend clinics ran by the hospital, as well as the hospital itself. In order to improve the quality of life in these villages, we need your help. By donating to Ryan's Well, you will help us:

  • Rehabilitate five shallow wells
  • Construct one school rainwater harvesting tank 50m3
  • Construct two blocks of six latrines and hand washing facilities at two schools
  • Construct one community well
  • The purchase of a second motorcycle for field work dealing with Cholera as a result of Hurricane Matthew
  • Support of major repair work needed for a drilling rig operated by the hospital WASH team
  • Reinforce pump repair teams and community committees
  • Provide intensive WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training at all locations
  • Complete ongoing local monitoring and evaluation at all construction sites

Partner: HAS (Hôpital Albert Schweitzer)
Project Cost: $60,720.00 USD 
Project Fund Code: HAHAS2017
Approximate Beneficiaries: 3,600 people

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