Sault Area Hospital Foundation

Excellent healthcare is incredibly important to our community. The Sault Area Hospital is the only acute care facility in the Algoma District and when it comes to care, whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled treatment, it is always better to receive it close to the support of family, friends and the familiarity of home.

This holiday, let us put ourselves in the shoes of the patients that visits our Hospital, the ones that need medical equipment as they battle cancer or are treated for kidney related illnesses. Think of the countless number of patients that require CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, blood tests and more as they search for what traumas, concussions, broken bones and unknown ailments require care. Think of the patients that visit the Operating Room with no other option than the invasiveness of surgery to mend their ailments.

No one knows when their next visit to the Hospital will be, but with your support, our Hospital will continue to have access to the medical equipment needed to keep as many patients as possible here in our community. Everyone has a reason why they support our Foundation, we call this the ‘because iCcare’ effect.  We all have our specific reasons to want excellent healthcare in this community. It is important in so many ways, so all you need to do is remember, “I give because iCcare.” Your donation has a direct effect on the local care your loved one, yourself and the strangers around you, receive. That is something to be incredibly proud of. The only thing as important as good health is the care we need when our health isn’t so good and there is no place better, for a member of our community, to receive that care, than right here in Sault Ste. Marie.

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