Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council

The Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC) is a non-profit society that works in cooperation with organizations, governments and industry on the south coast of British Columbia, Canada, in a province wide effort to minimize the negative impacts caused by invasive species. We aim to: 1. Raise awareness about invasive species, their impacts, and management strategies; 2. Provide a conduit for information and a source of expertise on invasive species; 3. Improve stakeholder communication and information sharing; 4. Prevent new species from arriving, and follow EDRR protocol to prevent their establishment if and when they do arrive; 5. Minimize the spread of existing invasive species through coordinated integrated invasive species management efforts.

Invasive species impact the environment, human health, and the economy. In the Sea to Sky, we are rich in natural areas, from valley bottom to alpine summit. These areas are at risk from invasive species which are spreading, or may soon arrive. Invasives reduce biodiversity, impact native plants and animals, and alter ecosystemes. Orange Hawkweed, for example, has the potential to spread throughout alpine meadows, outcompeting native wildflowers. Yellow Flag Iris takes over lakes and rivers, blocking drainage and growth of native plants which provide food and habitat for fish and wildfowl. Japanese Knotweed spreads rapidly along river banks, where it dies back in the winter, exposing the soil to erosion. Many more plants and animals threaten our natural areas in a variety of ways.

Our number 1 aim is to raise awareness about invasive species. This Giving Tuesday you can help by posting a photo to social media of your favorite place outside -be it a park, a wetland, a lake or river, a beach, your favourite mountaintop, an alpine meadow, or your own backyard. Hashtag it #NativeNotInvasive and tell the world why you want it to remain invasive-free. This simple creative challenge will help us promote awareness of invasive species and their impacts on our local environment. Thanks for Giving!

You can find us on social media (Instagram, twitter, facebook) @ssinvasives

For more information about Invasive Species in the Sea to Sky visit our homepage:

If you would prefer to donate a monetary value, please use the links provided. All funds from Giving Tuesday will go towards the purchase of a brush-cutter machine. Many invasives in the Sea to Sky, such as Scotch Broom, English Holly, and Himalayan Blackberry are difficult to remove by hand. A brush cutter will increase the efficiency and ability of our field crews to remove invasives such as these, thereby decreasing their rate of spread and impact on the Sea to Sky environment, economy, and human health.

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