Small Change Fund

The Small Change Fund is helping communities across Canada generate fast, flexible funding for projects that find solutions to environmental challenges. We use our award-winning crowdfunding platform to help community leaders raise the funding needed to create tangible impacts. The Small Change Fund has raised over $500,000 in support of more than 200 community projects across Canada. 

Besides providing financial support and sharing stories of community success, we also initiate projects that can use our platform for an increased impact. One unique project we are organizing is - The Carbon Hacking Challenge.

The Carbon Hacking Challenge is a competition to engage young entrepreneurs on developing digital solutions to address climate change.

The winner(s) will receive three levels of support from the Small Change Fund:
·a financial contribution;
·access to our fundraising platform for further financial support; and
·communications and marketing assistance

The benefits of this project are:
·finding and promoting creative digital solutions to climate change;
·creating exposure to the climate issue by telling the stories of entrepreneurs working on climate change; and
·reducing greenhouse gases towards meeting our Paris commitments.

In order to provide services in our community, we ask that you make a commitment to support our Carbon Hacking Challenge.

Your generosity will reduce climate change by engaging creative young Canadians to find digital solutions to a global problem.

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