Sonshine Community Services

Sonshine Community Services is a multi-services organization bringing hope and healing to families in need for almost 40 years.

We offer:

Community Counselling , to fortify individuals and prevent family break downs.

The Sonshine Centre is a one year residential shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. It provides long term secure housing and the support needed to navigate the practical and emotional complexities of leaving an abusive home.

• The Children’s Centre is the first licensed and accredited full-time children’s centre of its kind in Canada. It is geared towards meeting the unique needs of children who have experienced domestic violence or other forms of emotional trauma.

How do we eat the big elephant of social change? ...One bite at the time.
On Giving Tuesday we take a big bite out of the elephant of social change thanks to a movement that involves more and more Canadians.
We invite our friends, staff, donors and stakeholders to get involved: volunteer, engage in acts of kindness, donate, spread the word. What matters is to DO something.

Sonshine will join GivingTuesdayYYC at the Bow Tower on November 28, 2017 to kick off the day.

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