Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

This is the first winter for Cody, Cedric and Pugsley at the sanctuary! Affectionately known as the "The Boys", they are eager to explore the outdoors and are fascinated with snow - and this is their first time experiencing winter for themselves! Like children, Cedric and Cody will stick their tongues out to catch snow flakes and then shake their heads. They have also figured out that snow is cold, and so they climb on the walls of their enclosures (sometimes upside down) to make their way outside and swing on their favourite hanging platform or play on top of their Little Tykes playhouses. The Boys are so eager to live each new experience to the fullest! Even though it is cold, they are enjoying the freedom to choose what their day looks like - sometimes they opt to play in the snow, other times they'd rather stay snuggled together indoors. Choice is the key component in their new life, and something they have never had before - control over their environment and a choice in what they want to experience or do. To learn more about their journey, please read this recent article in the Globe & Mail, published in November 2018: Given a stay of execution, three lab monkeys face a new experiment: Normal life.

This year on GivingTuesday, we are raising funds for all of our monkeys but especially for "the boys" so that they may have an exciting and cozy first free winter. Winter always means additional electricity costs for heating here at the sanctuary to keep the monkeys toasty and warm, as well as hydro, propane and wood costs. Additionally, we would like to build more platforms, structures and walkways into their enclosure to keep their little feet out of the snow and their brains working hard on fun obstacles. 

Our aim is also to eventually have the boys integrate with Pierre and Darwin - providing further social and structural enrichment. Currently, all five of them talk to each other while outside where they can see each other, grunting and making various other happy vocalizations. It is truly a joy to see! However, this integration requires winter building upgrades, including reinforcing and insulating doors. Daily, we strive to make life better for the monkeys. This is what your support means, and it is incredibly appreciated. 

Want to make a difference this Giving Tuesday? Please consider these monkeys who have finally been given a chance at a trauma-free life. Every little bit helps!

Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a significant day for the monkeys of Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary!

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