Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Want to make a difference this Giving Tuesday? Please remember the monkeys on Giving Tuesday by donating towards new outdoor spaces for them. Every little bit helps!

Last year we created new outdoor enclosures for our baboons, Sweet Pea and Pierre. They really enjoy them as you can see in the photo. This new space has allowed a safe space for Pea and Pierre to be together and enjoy foraging in the grass, watching the world on the top of their house, listening to birds overhead and even talking to the cows across the field!  In the fall, Darwin, under the guidance of big "brother" Pierre, joined and the duo became a trio! We are so happy and thrilled for this new little family. Next spring we need to build new outdoor areas for new monkeys arriving as companions for Darwin.

Daily we strive to make life better for the monkeys. Your support is so appreciated! 

Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a significant celebration for the monkeys!

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