Students on Ice

Since 2000, Students on Ice (SOI) has established itself as a pioneer in life-changing educational expeditions to the Polar Regions for the world’s youth. Through ship-based journeys to the Arctic and Antarctic, our award-winning program immerses students in an environment few have explored and provides an unparalleled classroom for learning about these vibrant regions and the social, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities that they face.

The result is a network of more than 2,500 alumni from 52 countries with a strong connection to the Polar Regions that fuels their goals and ambitions on a local and global level. Youth learn first-hand about important social and environmental topics such as climate change, ocean conservation, Truth & Reconciliation and more! They become inspired as ambassadors for a better future.

Through SOI's global network of partners and experts across disciplines, we continue to support our alumni by connecting them with the resources, opportunities and mentorship to realize their goals and make a positive and lasting impact on a local and global scale.

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