Tara "Boom" Houston Children's Foundation


Tara “Boom” Houston Children’s Foundation, or Taraboom as we are affectionately now known, mission is to help improve the lives of families whose children have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness by relieving financial pressures.  We hope to help eliminate some of the financial barriers that may prevent or impede access to treatment and detract from their quality of life.

Our goal is to increase awareness of the Tara “Boom” Houston Children’s Foundation and raise $2000.00 through social media during Giving Tuesday.  The focus of our campaign will be on donor acquisition and donations through this platform.  

Giving Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to launch a peer to peer social media fundraiser and ask supporters to help spread Taraboom’s mission by sharing in social media. 

#Taraboom #GivingTuedayCa

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