The Artists Mentoring Youth Project Inc.

We're taking this awesome opportunity to raise money for our mentorship program!

Mentorship is at the core of what we do at AMY. Each of our participants is paired with a mentor who is a professional artist in Toronto, and they meet regularly throughout the sessions. Mentors can offer creative feedback, professional advice, and opportunities to meet other artists and learn about the performing arts community in Toronto.

Your support will help us grow our mentorship program by providing participants with more on-one-one hours with their mentor, supporting theatre-going and other educational cultural excursions for mentors and mentees, and accessing rehearsal space for one-on-one performance coaching sessions. 

"[My mentor is] incredible. She’s challenged me so much.  She’s been such an amazing mentor, so affirming. I think that anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor, I felt very blessed having her. She’s one of the best artists I’ve come across, ever. She brings this energy. She was interested, she wasn’t just helping me, she was interested in me as a person and actually cared how I was doing. She was genuine. I couldn’t pick anyone better. Maybe Oprah."- Morgan, 2017 Participant, Mentored by Audrey Dwyer

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