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We're raising funds to open an Okanagan Youth Recovery House

Given our area of expertise, families call our front desk on a weekly basis in distress, looking for treatment for their son or daughter. The extensive wait list for the mere 70 publicly funded spaces in all of British Columbia and the lack of local resources wastes the small window of opportunity we have with young people who have gathered their strength and resolve in that moment to pursue recovery. 
The less than 4 youth treatment beds available to us in Keremeos/ Ashnola are our closest option – but in addition to a significant and consistent wait list, that resource accepts no child under the age of 17.  And we know, based on the referrals to our Youth Detox, and the data from the BC Coroner’s report, that we need to have places of solace, learning, recovery and healing for children as young as 12 and 13. Perhaps younger.

The majority of participants in our Adult Treatment Centre tell us their addiction began in their youth; this reported age of onset is typical and consistent with the literature. 

An investment in these young people and their families will have ripple effects for this community and our region – we will stem the tide of poverty, trauma, family breakdown, victimization, homelessness, and mental and physical illness that a lifetime of addiction often entails. 

Youth treatment is a preventative strategy that will have significant positive impact on many of the issues that this community and this region identifies as social priorities.  

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