The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Every time you donate to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, you are helping us win the fight for the highest levels of animal welfare in Canada.  You help us represent the values of Canadians and show our policy-makers that animals and their well-being matter to people across this land.  

Animals in Canada still desperately need your help.  We saw record-high seizures from puppy mills and hoarders this year and major setbacks in the legal status of animals.

In June, the Supreme Court of Canada made a devastating ruling on bestiality that leaves Canada’s animals open to sexual exploitation unless Parliament acts to close this dangerous legal loophole.

After this ruling, we acted quickly, approaching the office of the Minister of Justice to propose legislative action to address bestiality as well as animal fighting.  We now have a commitment from the Minister of Justice to act on both. This will help us turn the corner on some of the worst loopholes in Canada’s laws.

In October, we once again saw the defeat of proposed updates to Canada’s federal animal cruelty laws. Bill C-246, The Modernizing Animal Protections Act, was voted down by a wide margin.  But the goals of this Bill did not die with it. We need your help to re-start this fight – and win.

Can you join us and help take on the archaic Criminal Code of Canada legislation and the loopholes that animal abusers exploit.

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