The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

The Children's Foundation is calling all volunteers, we need your help!  We have been advertising and promoting all over the city, Trees For Tots Christmas tree pick up will take place on January 7th 2017. December 1st the phones will start ringing with people eager to register their Christmas trees.  That's where you come in we can't do it with out you.  Last year our team registered 3,000 tress and this year we hope to register over 4,000 trees.  Volunteers are the heart of this event, sign up as an Administrative Volunteer to help in the office, sign up as a Truck Driver the day of the event, or a body willing to help wherever is needed.  Last year we rallied 200 community members and raised $45,000 to help local children! This program is really a Win,Win,Win. You win because you get your tree disposed of, the children who are supported by the Children's Foundation win, and the Environment wins because all of the Pine Mulch produced goes into a local restoration project. This program is just a wonderful way to give!

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