The Citadel Theatre

Gift the magic of theatre to a newcomer in Edmonton!

Your donation of $50 will give the opportunity for a newcomer in Edmonton to be welcomed by warm beverages, sweet treats, swinging music, and live theatre!

The first two Newcomers events saw one hundred lucky newcomers attend performances of A Christmas Carol and Matilda after attending the pre-show party. The parties featured warm beverages and sweet treats, generously provided by our friends at Tim Hortons (Devon), as well as the jammin' tunes of a local Swing Dance Band, Read Fenton and His Happy Hep Cats!

A donation to the Citadel Theatre will ensure that our newcomers know that they always have a place to find laughter and joy in our community. The Citadel Theatre's artistic vision is prided as being Inclusive, Innovative, and International, ensuring that all stories have an opportunity to be told. Your donation helps ensure a thriving, lively, and engaging arts and culture scene in our city.

Thank you for supporting our international friends
of the Citadel Theatre this Giving Tuesday!

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