The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - AB, NT & NU Division

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading leadership and achievement program that provides young people aged 14-24 with opportunities to develop and grow, while trying fun activities with new friends. With the support from people like you, we can continue to provide mentorship and support to all of our young future leaders. We believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to achieve an award, unfortunately, not all youth have the means of support required. It is for this reason that we work hard to ensure that all young people have the same opportunity for growth and development by waving registration fees for those in need, and connecting them to community resources to help them complete the Award level requirements. To reach each young person and register them in the program costs our local Division $150 at each level. We are committed to finding ways to waive the fees of young people who cannot afford to participate. Can we count on you to sponsor a young person's enrollment in the Award program? How about two participants? Perhaps three? Once youth are enrolled, we support and connect them to the opportunities and resources needed in order to complete each Award level. If you would like to support us, please make a contribution through our website at Thank you for your support!

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