The New Mom Project

The New Mom Project, a local charity that distributes baby clothing and gear to marginalized families and their new babies in the GTA, has launched the Sweet Dreams Campaign this holiday season, with the goal of helping at least 100 babies in the new year. Inspired by the Finnish Baby Box, a concept that is standard practice in Finland and sees all new mothers receive a sleeping box filled with first year necessities for new babies, the Sweet Dreams Baby Box aims to provide the same basics to new families in the GTA. Since 2014, the New Mom Project has distributed over 1,000 baby bundles and now wants to add the baby box to these bundles. Ensuring babies have a safe and secure place to sleep is a major factor in reducing risk of problems like SIDS. In Finland, the baby boxes have been attributed to helping lower infant mortality rates. These custom-made boxes provide a safe place for babies to sleep, and will be sent to parents who are struggling to provide for their new infants and often don’t have cribs. The boxes will also contain a standard New Mom Project baby bundle, full of donations from local families and organizations.