GivingTuesday Victoria

The Our Place Society

We all know how it feels to be caught out in wet winter weather, but only our homeless community know what it’s like to face that every night, all winter long, without a break. Thanks to generous supporters like you, for the last three years we have been open from 6:30AM to 9:00PM every night of the winter. This winter we need your help to extend our hours.

Extended hours at Our Place Society fill in those crucial times in the early morning and late evening when, for people dependent on night shelters, there is nowhere else to go. For our homeless family living on the streets, options for staying warm are few and far between.  Extending our winter hours means that nobody in Victoria has to be out in the wet and cold.

Provide a safe, warm space and transform lives. Give homeless people the security to work on improving their lives, instead of focusing on survival.

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