The Peer Project | Youth Assisting Youth

Your support on GivingTuesday will go directly towards changing the lives of at-risk youth in Toronto, by helping us match them with dedicated, one-to-one youth mentors who provide life-changing support, guidance and a positive role model!

The Peer Project | Youth Assisting Youth (TPP) is a registered youth charity that provides One-to-One and Group Mentoring programs and services to troubled kids across Toronto and York Region. We've been around for 39 years and have helped thousands of youth and their families by facilitating mentoring relationships and programs that build resiliency, confidence, academic success and social skills. Our program is unique from any other youth mentoring program around, including an in-depth client and volunteer assessment process, ongoing case management support systems and our innovative Group Mentoring Program events and activities, designed to support our mentors matches, as well as the youth on our waiting list. Our program utilizes a peer mentoring model (youth to youth), matching at-risk kids ages 6 to 15 with fully trained youth mentors ages 16 to 29. Mentors spend an average of 3 hours per week with their mentee for a minimum of 1 year (the average length of our mentoring relationships is 5 years). Our program is life-changing, evidence-informed and proven to build resiliency in youth participants.

This is NOT your average mentoring program! Here are several things that make TPP unique from other Mentoring programs in our region:

  1. TPP accepts referrals of youth that have been clinically diagnosed with Mental Health related issues and Learning Challenges.
  2. TPP’s program matches “Youth to Youth”, leading to a deeper, more trans-formative impact.
  3. TPP provides ongoing 24/7 support for all mentors, mentees and families.
  4. TPP provides free monthly Group Mentoring Program activities and events to support our mentor matches, as well as the youth on our waiting list.
  5. TPP fully screens and trains all of our volunteer Youth Mentors, as well as proving ongoing, additional training opportunities, our annual scholarship program and ongoing support.
  6. TPP conducts in-depth Home Assessments for every volunteer mentor and mentee / family in the program.
  7. TPP provides professional mentors to our volunteer youth mentors through our Tri-Mentoring program.

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