The Rainbow Society of Alberta

The Rainbow Society of Alberta is dedicated to granting wishes for children between the ages of 3 and 18 who reside in Alberta and have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or severe chronic medical illness. Having a dream come true can make all the difference to a child fighting an illness.

For a child who's sick, having a wish come true can help them feel better emotionally and physically, giving them increased strength and drive to fight against their illness and the daily hardships and challenges it brings.

"...In sum, this was a once in a lifetime experience and we are all fullof terrific memories and stories of our time there. Most of our daily challenges were suspended for a week and we had high-quality, uncomplicated family time together. And for this, we have to thank you, because we could never have done this on our own, and it was truly a wish come true for Leah." 

- Leah, a beautiful young girl with Spina Bifida and other complications, received her wish for a family trip to Disney World.

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