The Robert Bateman Centre

Nature is magic. Its beauty and power is ingrained in our culture. The Bateman Foundation, a national public charity, inspires a lasting relationship with nature through the lens of art, and is currently one of the only non-profits in Canada primarily using artwork to promote a connection to nature and the environment. Through our many education programs we inspire a generation of people to have a deep relationship with nature. By noticing nature’s beauty and importance, we encourage action to ensure the natural world is protected through our three core areas: youth initiatives, eco-literacy, and leadership & mentorship.

Our well-received three inquiry- based education programs are linked to the BC curriculum and competencies. Each program is enriched with the integration of literacy, fine arts and stewardship of our natural world. Students learn about animals, eco-systems and the environment and how like Robert Bateman, they too can use their art to communicate to the world about the importance of nature and the enviroment. It is a perfect marriage of science and art.

The Robert Bateman Centre offers various unique educational programs to teachers and schools for a chance to visit the gallery and experience the magic of art and nature.  However many financial boundaries exist for schools. This year for Giving Tuesday you can help us break barriers and donate to send a classroom to experience the magic of nature. Donations will go directly into our bursary program which we make available to local schools.

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