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#GivingTuesday is a growing global movement to give back to our communities and be thankful for all that nonprofit organizations contribute to the economic, social and environmental fabric of our society.

You can be part of our growing group of concerned citizens in Alberta and across the globe who are committed to positively and collectively building a resilient future adaptive to our changing climate.

We hope you’ll consider an investment in your future and donate to The Rockies Institute today!

In 2018 we’ve delivered several programs at home in Canmore, throughout Alberta and across the globe. We’ve engaged government officials, seniors and their families, indigenous elders and youth, and one of the oldest tribes in South Africa in dialogue and learning surrounding our greatest vulnerabilities to a changing climate and how we can work together to adapt.

All TRI projects lay the ground work for collaboration through knowledge exchange and respect for diverse view-points. They lead to new ideas and new opportunities to further educate and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved and co-create their future.

You can help by making a donation today! We need your support to secure a core team to deliver these types of initiatives in the Rockies, across the region and around the globe.While we are looking to government and foundations for support every dollar counts and your voice adds credibility to our requests.

Our goal is to secure 20 new donors and $10,000 by December 31.

Can we count on you to contribute to our campaign and share our story with friends and colleagues who share your vision of a climate resilient future!

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