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The statistics are terrifying - today 11 people in Canada will die by suicide, among those aged 15 to 34; suicide is the second leading cause of death - preceded only by accidents, and, 500,000 people won’t be at work today because of a mental illness.

This presents a huge financial burden and, more importantly, the human cost is enormous. Normal healthy lives are devastated. Families are torn apart. Lives are lost. At The Royal, our researchers believe suicide is a preventable mental illness. Their research has shown that with innovative management, suicide thoughts can be removed within hours of treatment.

On Giving Tuesday - we are encouraging Ottawa residents to either donate to The Royal directly - or - register for Shoppers. Love. You. Run for Women on May 12. 2018. Your participation in this run/walk means more funding will go into women's mental health programs right in our community. Run it out. Walk it out. Talk it out.

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