The Sunshine Foundation of Canada

For over 30 years, Sunshine has changed the lives of thousands of children and teens across Canada living with disabilities by giving them an opportunity to build a brighter, more hopeful future through the realization that dreams can come true.

About our Programs:
Sunshine Dream Programs give kids the opportunity to experience freedom from their daily medical regimens and life challenges by transforming their dreams into reality. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences ignite a sense of newfound independence, build confidence, and create joyful memories that last forever.  

Since 1987, Sunshine has fulfilled more than 8,700 dream experiences and coordinated over 60 Sunshine DreamLifts to Disney theme parks.

Patrick's Dream Story:
Patrick (pictured above) was gearing up to embark on an experience of a lifetime, a true Canadian railroad adventure that he would never forget.

Since the age of two, Patrick has loved trains. As a child living with cerebral palsy and limited eyesight, Patrick’s love for trains was something he could put his energy into. As he grew, so did his interest and curiosity, venturing out with his family on weekends to check out real-life trains, dreaming of the day when he could board one and take a nice long ride. 

In August 2016, Patrick was granted his Sunshine Dream come true. His train ride lasted three days as his family explored the Rockies, Maligne Lake, the Icefields, and Banff before flying home. It was an adventure they will never forget. A few weeks later, Patrick underwent surgery from which he swiftly recovered. His memories of riding the rails helped give him the confidence and courage to heal.

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