The Varscona Theatre Alliance

Once again, the Varscona Theatre is participating in Giving Tuesday, the global philanthropical movement which was created as a response to the excesses of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Taking place this year on November 28, it’s a great opportunity for non-profit organizations like the Varscona to band together with other similar groups to promote and advance the very notion of charitable giving. It’s also a chance for us to do specifically targeted fundraising for an area of our operations where there’s a perceived area of an urgency or an exceptional opportunity for improvement. Last year, Giving Tuesday donors were essential in helping us pay for and install the handrails which allow or our patrons to ascend and descend our auditorium steps with greater ease. This year, we’re turning our attention to the implementation of a terrific new ticketing system created for us by YEG Live, and no one is more delighted by this than our own Coralie Cairns.

While many Varscona patrons will know Coralie from her 25 years as Shadow Theatre’s leading lady -and her memorable performances in productions like Annapurna, Sexy Laundry, and Helen’s Necklace- what some may not know is that Coralie is the Varscona Theatre’s manager of accounts. She’s responsible for the financial tracking and reconciliations for all the Varscona’s current operations and her contributions in this same capacity to our recent multi-million dollar renovation/rebuild were absolutely invaluable. Coralie also serves as bookkeeper for both Shadow Theatre and Teatro La Quindicina, so anything that enables her to track things like box office revenue and attendance figures a little more clearly and easily is sure to brighten her day.

“I love the new YEG Live system for the way it collects and consolidates sales figures and allows us to combine subscription and single ticket purchases into one stream. And the e-tickets it provides are something a lot of audience members are really responding to. E-tickets are a really efficient way for us to confirm reservations and purchases, and they’re also a great time-saver for audience members who no longer have to wait in line at the box office every time they come to a play because they’ve printed the ticket at home or brought it in on a smartphone.” 

As with any new system, there are material costs involved with its implementation and with the training of the staff who make it run. Coralie is nevertheless so enamoured with the results that she’s made a remarkably generous offer to ensure that it stays with us: Ms. Cairns has pledged to personally match all donations received by the Varscona Theatre on Giving Tuesday- November 28, 2017- up to a total of $2500. So, if you think, as we do and Coralie certainly does, that a ticketing system which benefits audience and staff members alike is a superb investment, we hope you’ll consider making a contribution. Large or small, they all add up. Our target amount of $5000 isn’t really a tall order given that we’re halfway there. And a huge thanks to Coralie for always proving that numbers are our friends!

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