The Wellspring Foundation for Education


This #GivingTuesday is a special one for us as we are celebrating the life of Ray Olafsen, who was a friend, Wellspring board member and inspiration to all of us.  
A few weeks ago, before Ray passed away, he generously decided to offer $25,000 to match the funds that will be raised today. Thanks to Ray, all donations that come in today will be tripled - matched first by his gift, and then once more by our overall year-end matching grant. Which means that your contribution will have three times the impact. And that’s a pretty great thing!

We hope to make the most of this opportunity because we want to see tens of thousands of Rwandan children receive a quality education that will allow them to walk toward a brighter future. We want to see thousands of teachers impassioned and empowered to make a difference in their classrooms. And we want to see parents engaged in their children’s schooling, working in partnership with teachers, to create vibrant school communities.

Ray was passionate about these things and about the dignity and worth that Jesus prefers on the poor. He wanted to see lives transformed. And so do we. 

In honour of Ray’s generosity, today we will be giving away 25 pairs of fun socks because Ray loved them! When you donate, your name will be put into a draw and for every $1000 raised we’ll pull a ticket. If you’re the winner we will send you a pair in memory of him, and as a sign of your desire to see young lives changed for the better.

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