Toronto Foundation for Student Success

This Giving Tuesday, you can help TFSS provide food, medical care, emergency funds and after school programs for children in need. We hope to raise $5000 in one day for our in-school programs for children and youth.

  • -With the price of food climbing here in Canada, free in-school student nutrition programs are more important than ever. TFSS provides 170, 000 nutritious meals to students every day, and you can help us do even more.

  • -If you can't see learning materials well, you can't learn to the best of your ability. You can help TFSS deliver in-school vision and hearing screenings in marginalized neighbourhoods.

  • -Our beyond 3:30 program keeps 1000+ middle-school students safe and engaged every school day between the time school lets out and the time working parents get home. Your donation will help us make these programs even more interesting and vibrant.

If education is the great economic and social leveler, then we must ensure that our children in Toronto are ready and able to learn each school day. Thank you for your interest in TFSS

Share your support of TFSS with your social networks using the hashtag #GivingTuesdayCA. Studies show this will increase the impact of your gift.

Twitter: @TFSS_

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