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On Giving Tuesday (November 27) you can Help build a coffee solar dryer for women farmers in Honduras. Better coffee, better income, better life.

Simple technologies can help a small-scale farmer make a good, sustainable livelihood from the crops they grow. For women who grow coffee, having access to the right tools can dramatically up the quality of their coffee beans – and mean they can get a better, fairer price when they sell.

One of these tools is a solar dryer. Drying the beans properly can make or break the success of a coffee harvest. It's a process that, if done too quickly, lowers the quality of an otherwise excellent batch of beans. But a solar dryer, a greenhouse-like structure, uses the power of the sun to slowly and evenly dry the beans, maintaining their quality.
With a solar dryer, women farmers can carefully dry their own micro-lot of coffee beans and fetch a good price from international coffee connoisseurs. It's a win-win for everyone: high quality coffee in your cup, and a price for farmers that justly rewards them for their effort.

A solar dryer isn't just an environmentally-sound, useful piece of technology. It's also a real boost in confidence for women who are already breaking down gender barriers just by growing coffee in their rural communities.

A communal solar dryer in Honduras costs about $10,000 dollars to set up. This includes construction costs, training for the community and ongoing assistance from our local partner organization, FIPAH, who also supports women with coffee quality assessment training.

Help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 to build two solar dryers in two communities in Honduras.

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