Valley Regional Hospital Foundation

This year all gifts for Giving Tuesday will support the our Festival of Lights campaign to raise $120,000 to purchase new ceiling patient lifts for Valley Regional Hospital. These lifts will benefit thousands of patients and staff members avoid injury every year. Currently the hospital uses only a few portable lifts that are insufficient to help patients in a timely manner and can lead to staff developing injuries due to patient handling. Permanent ceiling lifts, which consist of a set of tracks and sling mounted in the ceiling have many benefits over the portable models:

·         They reduce the number of patient falls and injuries.
·         They’re more comfortable and patients feel more dignity during transfers.
·         They increase continence in patients – as they can get to the bathroom more easily.
·         They drastically reduce the number and severity of staff injuries (ceiling lifts take much less exertion than floor lifts or trying to help patients manually).
·         They have much more flexibility and coverage than floor lifts and can do things like helping staff to roll patients who can’t do so themselves, and lifting single limbs.

Thank you for supporting the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation with this vital project!

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