Vancouver Humane Society & The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) and The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary (HHFS) are partnering for Giving Tuesday in an effort to raise $15,000 to help with HHFS’s veterinary expenses and VHS’s programs, including Plant-Based Plates and GoVeg. Donations will be split between both organizations.

VHS and The Happy Herd both work to create a better world for farmed animals. VHS educates and supports individuals, institutions and policy makers, in transitioning towards a plant-based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle. With your support, we will be launching an Online Plant-based Resource Center in 2021. The resource center will offer marketing tools for food service agencies, guidance to sourcing ingredients, recipe plans and online culinary training.

The Happy Herd provides a forever home for all types of animals rescued from the farming industry. Earlier this year, Happy Herd welcomed two little lambs to their herd, Lincoln and Lola. Both lambs were born on commercial farms and rejected by their mothers. Lambs are typically sold for slaughter before they reach six months of age. Thankfully the farmer gave each of the lambs up to Happy Herd, to receive the love, care and happy lives that they deserve. 

To make a donation, click the "Donate now" button below.

We are so grateful to announce that the following businesses will be partnering with us for Giving Tuesday:

  • Chickpea Food Truck are donating 15% of all Food Truck Sales on December 1st 
  • Nice Shoes are donating 10% of sales on December 1st
  • Lotus Seed Vegan are donating 50% of sales on December 1st 
  • Panago locations in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver will be offering any large plant-based pizza for $10 on December 1st. $1 will be donated to our Giving Tuesday campaign for every plant-based pizza sold. Please use the code PLANT10 at time of order.
  • Ergogenicsare donating a percentage of their sales on December 1st, and offering a 10% discount for online shoppers, using the code GOVEGAN
  • The Pie Hole are donating 15% of sales from vegan purchases online and in store on December 1st. (Online orders must be ordered on Giving Tuesday for pick up on a later date!)
  • Kula Kitchenare donating 5% of profits from online sales on December 1st
  • Vegan Yarn Studio are donating 25% of all purchases on December 1st
  • Kayefleur are donating 50% of sales from each purchase from their animal and flower range purchased between now and December 1st
  • Willow's Wax Bar are donating a portion of profits on December 1st
  • Sprouted Oven / Silver Hills Bakeryare donating 3% of sales on Giving Tuesday
  • Veronica's Gourmet Perogies will be donating a percentage of sales from vegan perogies sold on Giving Tuesday
  • Kind Cafeare donating proceeds from the sale of their Tahini Choco Cookie's on December 1st
  • BRED made by Ed will be donating proceeds from the sale of their dog biscuits throughout December
  • Lita's Mexican Foods will be donating 5% of sales between November 30th - December 7th
  • Modern Meat - will be donating a portion of sales on Giving Tuesday 
  • Westpoint Naturals have generously made a donation towards our campaign.

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