Vedic Institute Of Canada

Every day and night, there are about 30,000 people across Canada who are homeless. They are among the most vulnerable homeless people have higher rates of infectious diseases like HIV, mental illness and addictions, and much higher death rates than the average Canadian. The struggle for survival is often most pressing during the winter months when temperatures in Canadian cities can plunge to -30 degree celsius and below. Environment Canada warns that at temperatures with a wild chill of -29 to -39 degree celsius, exposed skin can freeze in 10-30 minutes with subsequent hypothermia and frostbite. We know we can not help and save all. But we can just try from One. This year we Vedic Institute Of Canada committed to donate Blankets to needy people. We are starting from Small town Ingersoll .Ontario. You can help and I am sure you will ....Dave Bhatia or 647-294-2840