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Victoria Angel Registry of Hope Public Cord Blood Bank is using GivingTuesday to spread awareness about the importance of donating umbilical cord blood. Our goal is to receive over 500 donations - $5 or $25 at a time.  
Text 'VICTORIA' to 20222.

Sarah Watkin was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. After radiation and chemotherapy, Sarah needed a stem cell transplant to replace her damaged bone marrow. Sadly, after a world-wide search, a donor could not be found and she passed in December 2014. There are ~1000 Canadians waiting for a stem cell transplant from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow donors. Victoria Angel’s charity accepts donated cord blood and provides the life-saving stem cells to patients, doctors and scientists. Of the ~400,000 births /year in Canada, 95% of all umbilical cords are discarded into medical waste. Your help can spread the word – Cord Blood Saves Lives!

This Giving Tuesday, Victoria Angel needs your help to spread the word that #cordbloodsaveslives or become a #givingtuesdayangel. Our goal is 500 donations of $5 or $25! Text 'VICTORIA' to 20222. Every donation helps!

#givingtuesdayangels will be acknowledged on our Victoria Angel website, with the hopes of encouraging others to donate.

Why Victoria Angel is appealing …
1. Stem cells are intriguing. Stem cells are to this generation as pharmaceuticals and penicillin were to generations before us. Stem cells have the potential to change science and medicine in ground breaking ways in the areas of transplant, regenerative medicine, and cellular therapies. People are intrigued by our stories of success using stem cells.
2. Our charity is unique. Few people or organizations have the expertise and experience required to start a public cord blood program. This innovative charity is unique in Canada.
3. We can help all ethnic groups. Cord blood is used to treat diseases in all ethnic groups. Some treatable diseases are prevalent in specific ethnic groups: Sickle cell anemia (African Americans), Thalassemia (Italians and Greeks), TaySachs (Jewish). In addition, Asians, Aboriginals, and people with mixed ethnic backgrounds have specific needs for cord blood. Canada is the perfect place to recruit cord blood and financial donors from all ethnic groups.
4. We can help all Canadians. Our program can be easily expanded to include operations in many Canadian cities. Funding is the limiting factor. Our public cord blood bank strives to be “the bank made for Canadians, by Canadians.”
5. We can help all ages. The most common use for cord blood stem cells is the treatment of blood cancers such as leukemia. Leukemia is common in young children between the ages of 2 and 8 and also in older adults over 65. According to the Lymphoma Society of Canada, the incidence of leukemia is increasing in young adults between the age of 18 and 35 at an alarming rate. In addition, our educational materials target young expectant parents and new grandparents in order to recruit new cord blood donors.
6. We can save lives. While many charities seek funds to help find a new cure or give hope, we are seeking funds to provide a cure that is already tried, tested and true. CORD BLOOD SAVES LIVES.

Thank you for supporting Victoria Angel Registry of Hope Public Cord Blood Bank, together we are saving lives!

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