Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre

The Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre is committed to promoting women's equality and well-being. We do so by raising awareness, educating, advocating and collaborating with government and non-government organizations. We run multiple campaigns every year to raise awareness around violence and to help give a voice to survivors and bring light to the issues facing women of the North. Our Centre strives towards the day when women walk in safety, live healthy lives, excel in leadership roles and are supported and empowered to fulfill their dreams. The Women’s Centre is a safe and respectful space where women can connect with one another, access support and services, and work together to create positive change for women and the community. Our "Be More Than a Bystander" community tour will involve staff visiting the rural communities of the Yukon Territory during our 16 Days to End Gender-Based Violence Campaign. With special guest J.R. LaRose from the CFL's BC Lions, we will be giving presentations to youth on consent and breaking the bystander effect!

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