Villa Charities Foundation

November 27 is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving when charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for causes and think about others.
With your support, we will continue to provide high-quality, culturally sensitive programs and services to all those in need, however we all recognize that tomorrow comes so much quicker as we get older, and as our community ages, the demands for our services will continue to be stretched even further.

This GivingTuesday, we invite you to help support the seniors in our long-term care facilities.  Your generous donation to our special GivingTuesday fundraising campaign will have a tremendous impact on the seniors in our care.  If as a community we raised between $3,000 and $5,000 today, we would give over 150 long-term care residents an unforgettable heartwarming experience by providing them with tickets to enjoy our new holiday theatrical production, “If on a Christmas Night…”.  This world premiere presents a series of adventurous and comical situations around the celebration of Christmas, through the lens of Italian culture.  This holiday show presented by Villa Charities and the Columbus Centre runs from December 4-23, 2018.

Help us make this vision a reality by supporting our GivingTuesday campaign and take us one step closer to our GivingTuesday goal.

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