Vista Academy Society

Vista Academy is proud to provide local families with a one-on-one, inclusive and meaningful education that supports and empowers every students’ unique learning needs. Using only the highest standard of evidence-based assessments and interventions, our dedicated staff work closely with children in Kindergarten to Grade 6 with autism or related disorders. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to education not only equips students and families with the skills to succeed, but also to thrive at school and within the community. 

Our programs are carefully developed to break down barriers to learning and provide opportunities that unlock student’s true learning potential while building their confidence, curiosity and ability to learn independently. We embrace individuality and strive to create a space that fosters engagement, communication, peer interactions, physical health, and self-regulation. 

Vista Academy is the Okanagan’s premier institute for children with autism. Our facility features over 300 sq. ft. of tactile learning experiences including an 18-foot indoor rock climbing wall, a multitude of sensory swings, climbing ladders, monkey bars, peanut balls, scooter boards and so much more. The work at our non-profit learning center would not be possible without support from our community. We invite you to join us on the journey of making meaningful education accessible for every student.

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