Giving Tuesday Waterloo Region


Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region

The Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region is committed to connecting volunteers to non-profit organizations, and to strengthening the capacity of non-profits.

In Waterloo Region we know that people are isolated and don’t feel connected to the community.  Volunteering is proven to diminish isolation, improve mental and physical health and help people feel that they belong.  A gift of $25 will cover the cost of a one-on-one meeting to assist those with cultural, physical or mental health barriers to find a volunteer position that will help others and in so doing help the volunteer.

In Waterloo Region we know that there is concern for students struggling to graduate from High School. Students, particularly those with no experience with volunteering, are struggling to meet the required community involvement hours. We find that once students connect in a meaningful way, they often exceed required hours and go on to volunteer in community for hundreds and even thousands of hours.  A gift of $25 will cover an e-newsletter to teachers and students with new and exciting ways to engage and volunteer.

In Waterloo Region we know that there are many who need extra support in their daily lives. Volunteers are integral to the ability of charities to provide supports and services.  A gift of $25 helps the Volunteer Action Centre to reach out through traditional and social media to find the volunteers that can help provide community leadership and services.

Giving your time as a volunteer is free but making sure that your contribution of time and skills adds value takes program development, coordination, supervision and passion.  Help the Volunteer Action Centre support volunteerism in Waterloo Region.

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