Weengushk International Film Festival


Our goal this GivingTuesday is to support our 2021 festival. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused us loss in revenue while having higher production costs. In 2021 we are excited to present both an in-person event (following COVID-19 safety protocols) AND a Canada wide online festival. This will allow us to have the greatest possible audience. The costs associated with this are much higher than before. We need your support to create the best (and safest!) possible 2021 festival!

The Weengushk International Film Festival is an Indigenous run independent film festival in Northern Ontario. It is the first film festival on Manitoulin Island. The core philosophy of the Festival is to present the highest quality films that emphasize Indigenous voices, human rights, social issues, and the environment. WIFF’s vision is to screen films and bring filmmakers to Manitoulin Island that the community would not normally have access to. The festival showcases unique work from young Indigenous, emerging and future filmmakers from Weengushk Film Institute, First Nations Communities, National and International Indigenous and diverse filmmakers. Through this festival, artists and community members are highlighted, supported, and connected internationally with Indigenous and First Nations communities internationally, creating an interconnected and invaluable network for the creation and dissemination of film. With the intent of sharing each others' culture, language and land, WIFF provides a safe gathering place for student learners and experienced filmmakers to share their experiences, skills, craft and exchange and celebrate their stories.

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