West Coast Environmental Law


For over 40 years West Coast Environmental Law has played a role in shaping BC and Canada’s most significant environmental laws, and has provided legal support to citizens, First Nations, and communities on practically every environmental issue imaginable. Our strategy to protect the environment is to use the law – we have a long history of successfully influencing and shaping law reform, because we believe that nothing is going to protect the environment better than having it protected by law. West Coast makes certain that progressive, stringent environmental laws are created and enforced.

West Coast’s approach to achieving strong environmental protection is unique, in the way we analyze environmental law, develop strategies to empower and mobilize citizens, form coalitions with allies, and reform law to safeguard our natural environment. West Coast focuses on solutions through in-depth analysis, expert research, and a balanced approach; we engage BC communities, First Nations, advocacy groups, the private sector, and all levels of government to build consensus on legal solutions that protect and sustain the environment.

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