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It’s been a long, hard year. We’re all dealing with the social, financial and health effects of this pandemic. What have you been struggling with the most? One thing that many of us have been experiencing is the effects of social isolation on our mental health

Now imagine that you already struggled with your mental health prior to the pandemic. How do you think the social distancing required to contain the COVID-19 virus would affect you then? What if the very activities you usually do to help with your mental health were suddenly taken away from you?

We recognize that social isolation is a key determinant in poor mental health outcomes. Close to 80% of Workman Artists responded that participating in programs at Workman Arts makes them feel like they are part of a community. That’s why we knew that just because we couldn’t gather in person, we still had to find ways to continue providing programming for artists living with mental health and addiction experiences. 

We’re so happy that with the support of our community, we’ve been able to make adjustments to continue to provide classes and workshops online so our artists can connect with their peers. Unfortunately running a program remotely has many challenges, not least of all increased costs. 

While we can usually buy materials in bulk for sharing during classes, suddenly we find ourselves having to purchase individual materials for each participant. And then we have to mail those supplies. For artists who don’t have reliable internet connections or electronic devices, we’re also providing loaner devices and access to a data plan. We have also added more support systems for our instructors who have reimagined courses for online delivery and learned how to effectively teach over Zoom.

With your help, we can continue to provide support for Workman Artists. We’re raising $10,000, and to make that happen, we need your help. Every dollar counts, and your donation today will have an immediate impact on alleviating social isolation for artists with lived experience

• $25 supplies a materials kit for one artist in a painting class
• $50 provides one hour of instruction
• $100 supplies a reliable internet connection for online programming
• $500 covers materials mailing expenses for one semester
• $1000 supports the needs of one artist for a full year

“Everything I’ve done with Workman Arts has been life-changing. Each course or production has been an opportunity to realize my potential. I am becoming my true self and fulfilling life-long dreams.”
~Workman Arts Member

Thank you for your support!

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