World Wide Gift of Hope Inc.

The sponsor a student project is of great importance to us at WWGH. The idea is that sponsors or supporters choose the extent of their support towards students in the program. These are students who are finding it very diffificult funding their education. This makes for a very suspect future for many of these very promising youths.
The assistance aimed at donees will cover all or part of this list:
1) Tuition
2) Transportation
3) Examination fees
4) Uniform and shoes
5) School supplies
6) Lunch
Sponsors may decide to be full or part sponsors. We invite you to come aboard and help us to guarantee a much better future, for many of these otherwise despondent youths. This project we know will have positive and lasting effects on those involved, whether donees, or sponsors.

Education itself is free, however the added costs as listed above are difficult for many families to provide. The result is early drop out, frustration and the recurring cycle of poverty. Please help to break this cycle.

Additional fees breakdown:
Weekly per student = $ 40
Monthly per student = $ 160
Yearly per student = $1600

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