YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth


For more than 160 years, the YMCA has been a part of the Halifax community, working to help our citizens become healthier – in spirit, mind and body. Our focus on helping children, youth, adults and families to reach their potential through promoting healthy living and fostering social responsibility continues to be a strong need in our community.

Your support over the years has helped us carry out this important work and I thank you for being part of the YMCA family.

As the holiday season begins, we look forward to spending quality time with family and friends. For those who are dealing with stress, isolation and health problems, the holidays can be a difficult time. Although healthy lifestyle supports like the YMCA exist, many do not have the resources to seek the help they need. This year we will be seeing even more of a demand for support as we prepare to welcome hundreds of Syrian refugees to our community. When you donate to the YMCA you can help a child, adult or family get the physical exercise and meaningful social connections they need to realize a healthier version of themselves.

You can give the gift of health and support those in our community who are most in need by making a donation to YMCA Strong Kids.

How can your gift help?
  • $20 helps a school-age child participate in one month of before school, lunch and after school programs
  • $50 helps a youth join a sports team for a whole season
  • $100 helps youth experience recreational opportunities and confidence-building leadership programs
  • $200 helps a youth experience Big Cove YMCA Camp

We believe that health should never be a luxury. With your help, more than 1,000 children and family members in our community received financial assistance in 2014 to support them on their journey to better health at the Y. While preparing for this special time of year, we ask that you think of individuals and families in your community who need a helping hand. Please help us give the gift of health to those in need by making a donation to your YMCA.

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