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What Is The #1MillionCampaign?

An initiative to fund One Million Counselling Sessions across Canada.

Founded and operated by You Are Collective, this campaign works by providing support to grassroots organizations offering traditional and non-traditional counselling and mental health services throughout the country. Our vision at You Are Collective is a world with no stigmas; we want to champion a movement that gets us there. Being part of the conversation helps to do this, which is why we want to encourage people to share their stories, challenges, experiences, and triumphs while making sure they have a safe and accessible place to do so.

No one person experiences the same journey as another which is why we recognize the many different resources and tools available to care for our mental health and illness. We're starting with a lofty goal of One Million Counselling Sessions because we've experienced first hand the monumental impact counselling and group support has had on us, our relationships, our boundaries, and so many other things. Our passion to share the help and encouragement we received and continue to receive has instilled a dedication to making counselling of all kinds accessible to ALL.

For #GivingTuesday we're sharing our passion with you in the hopes that you too will join the movement in ending the stigma against mental health and illness. These donations to the #1MillionCampaign go to our partnered charities and organizations across Canada to help provide funded counselling and therapy sessions. Counselling and therapy can come in a variety of formats, from traditional talk therapy to art and music therapy to yoga, breath work and other support groups. #JoinTheMovement + see how you can be part of the #1MillionCampaign.

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