Yupi the Polar Bear was taken from her home in Alaska in 1992 and has been held in Mexico’s Morelia Zoo ever since. Zoocheck wants Yupi to spend the rest of her life in the comfort of more natural surroundings. We are currently negotiating to send an international team of wildlife veterinarians, including a bear cardiologist, to Mexico to conduct a hands-on medical examination of Yupi. If she is deemed healthy enough for transport, we'll use that information to push with everything we've got to finally have Yupi relocated to a new home. Our vet team and campaigners are donating their time, but there are still expenses, such as the team's travel costs, medical supplies and, of course, Yupi’s transport should we be able to move her. Yupi has spent more than two decades in Morelia. It would be tragic if she died there, alone. It was too late for Arturo, another famous Latin American polar bear who lived and died at Argentina's Mendoza Zoo, but it's not yet too late for Yupi. She still has a chance at a new life. Please help out if you can.

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